Pain in left side under the rib cage is a health problem that is often experienced by many individuals and they just don’t know what to do with it. Pain on left side is viewed by medical doctors as something serious that should be given immediate attention and proper treatment.  Known as the thoracic cavity, the rib cage comprises the thoracic vertebrae and ribs, the coastal cartilages which link the ribs and the sternum, and the sternum breastbone.  The vital parts such as the heart and the lungs are encased in the thoracic cage, which is protected by the chest muscles and around the back that supports the shoulder’s girdle.  More often than not, it is prone to injuries especially the lower cage.  Things such as accidental bumps on the upper waistline and other surrounding areas can cause pain in left side.

However, these are not only the main causes of pain in left side.  There are underlying factors that causes the pain inside.  It could either be superficial or fatal.  Your medical doctor is the most eligible person to give you proper diagnosis about the cause of your pain on left side: Is it something that needs immediate treatment or immediate operation?  First, if you bumped into any hard object such as vehicular accident or you fell down the stairs, such could cause fracture or broken ribs causing pain and inflammation along the cartilage and breastbone.

Pain In Left Side

For other reasons, pain in left side will be experienced if you have a heart attack and major problems on the lungs called pneumothrorax.  The pain could be quick and gone as quickly as it started but the pain can be extreme and very uncomfortable.  The most common pain in left side is Costochondritis.  The pain often occurs on the junctions of the upper ribs joining the cartilage which connects the sternum or breastbone.  The tendency is that you feel like pushing the chest wall where you felt the pain right on the rib cage.  It is common among children at age 12-14 and women at age 20-40 rather than men on 70%-30% ratio.

When there is inflammation and reddening of the skin underlying the cartilage, costochondrities becomes Tietze syndrome.  More generalized causes of inflammation may be associated with arthritis and fibromyalgia or irritating bowel syndrome.  You feel pain in left side when there is over supply of acidic food intake or carbonated drinks hence causing heartburn or acid reflux.  Spleen Irritation causes pain in left side below the rib cage and sharp pain on the upper left part of the shoulder in case of damage and rupture of the spleen.  Possible infections in the digestive system may cause pain in left side.  It is best to consult your doctor if you have all these symptoms.  For more information, you can check out this website to learn more about pain in left side.

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